How do I add a business/provider?

Thank you for contributing to the largest autism provider database in the United States. Although it is the largest, it is by no means complete.

By adding a business that you know specializes in helping children with autism or is autism friendly, you are helping thousands of others more easily find the best providers for them.

To add a provider to MyAutismTeam, please sign in and visit this link:

You can also find the link at the bottom of the Browse Categories page.

Tips on adding a business:

  1. Make sure the business isn't already in the MyAutismTeam database by doing a quick search in the search boxes above.
  2. When you add a business, use the actual legal name of the business.
  3. Double-check the correct spelling if the business information you input.
  4. For now, only add a business if it is based in the United States.

Note: adding a business to the MyAutismTeam database is free. If you are interested in uploading a list of autism-specific providers or businesses in bulk, email us here.

If you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to contact Support here.

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