What does the little circle next to posts, comments, questions, and answers do?

When you select the small circle to the right of posts, comments, questions or answers, a series of options will display that gives you a bunch of actions you can take surrounding that content or user.

You can:

Add to Team: Add the user who wrote the content to your team. You can then keep track of their posts in your team activity feed.

Add to Favorites: This will add a post or question to your favorites section. This allows you to keep track of posts you want to follow or save.

Report Content or Spam: If you find a post that is offensive or is selling a product, website or seminar, you can flag this post and we will review it and remove if necessary. This is completely anonymous.

Block User From My Page: If there is a user you would like to block from viewing your content, and from you viewing theirs, just click on block user from my page and you will no longer see their content.

Unfollow: If you have commented on a post, or if it is your post or question, you can select unfollow to stop receiving emails or notifications about that content. 



If you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to contact Support here.

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