MyAutismTeam Community Guidelines

MyAutismTeam Community Guidelines

MyAutismTeam is the social network for parents of children with autism. We want everyone here to connect with others and share daily ups and down, as well as ask relevant questions of the community. The one thing we hear over and over again from the parents on MyAutismTeam is how there is no judging or drama here. So in order to help re-enforce this, here is a simple set of community guidelines for MyAutismTeam.

Be awesome, by accepting others

At MyAutismTeam, everyone is amazing and on their own journey. We ask that you respect your fellow parent, and stay clear of any judgmental tone. Accept and respect differences.

Be understanding

This goes without saying, but sometimes you have already experienced something that another is currently going through. Understand and respect where they are or where they are coming from.

Be helpful

Answer questions, give tips and help people out if needed! This site is nothing without help and participation from other parents!

Start a conversation!

Don’t just sit there; get active! You only get out as much as you put in. Some people are a bit shy. If you’re the outgoing type, answer questions and welcome others!

Don’t post spam or sell stuff

If your profile, tone and/or posts continue to sell a product, website, fundraiser, or seminar, or it seems like you have nothing else to talk about other than a specific product, website, fundraiser, or seminar, this is known as spam. We strongly discourage it and will remove your profile from MyAutismTeam if we see it, or if it is reported.

Don’t shout

Shouting on the internet is known as all caps. Please don’t use all caps.

Language/offensive material

Please do not use horribly offensive language, or upload offensive material (pictures, links, etc.). These posts will be removed from the site.

Personal information

Please be aware of the fact that this is a public forum, and as such if you post your phone number, everyone on the site will see it.

Please note

MyAutismTeam reserves the right to terminate your account or limit your access to The Site without prior notice.

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