What is an Ambassador?

At MyAutismTeam we're always looking for a chance to spread the word about our Ambassador program, so read on if you're interested in becoming an Ambassador, or simply would like to learn more. (Anyone can nominate an Ambassador by contacting support@myautismteam.com!)

1)   What is an Ambassador?

Simply put, an Ambassador is a member of MyAutismTeam who consistently contributes to the well-being of the MyAutismTeam community as a whole. Ambassadors help maintain the welcoming spirit of MyAutismTeam and embody the core of our community guidelines. Being an Ambassador is not for everyone. It can be both tough and rewarding at the same time.

2)   What is expected of an Ambassador?

Ambassadors can contribute to the well-being of the community by:

  • Fostering connections among members through personal participation in conversations, questions, and updates.
  • Lending a hand and sharing wisdom and personal experience with members who are seeking guidance and support, or just need help getting started
  • Being engaged by maintaining a presence on the site through one's story and profile.
  • Keep the peace and minimize drama by helping to redirect any disagreements back towards a productive conversation or comfort an annoyed user.
  • Upholding our community guidelines by being an example and steering interactions toward positive and productive outcomes

3)   What is an Ambassador not?

Ambassadors are NOT site police or members who monitor the site looking for violations. They are here to actively promote the well-being of the MyAutismTeam community.

4)   How Do I Become One?

We're always on the look out for new Ambassadors. Here are a few of the ways members can become an Ambassador:

  • The staff nominates people to become Ambassadors
  • Ambassadors nominate other people to become Ambassadors
  • You can request to be considered by emailing us at support@myautismteam.com with “Ambassador” in the subject line
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