What is a team?

Building your team is how you make connections and build your community with others on MyAutismTeam. 

There are no rules about the teams. You can add as many or as few people to your team as you like. Some add people who are near their location. Others add people who share similar symptoms or treatments. You can add anyone you feel a connection to, or share a sense of humor with. It is a way of getting to know others and building your community on MyAutismTeam. 

To view who is on your team click on the menu icon on the top right of the page (to the right of your picture). A menu will appear, the top heading is 'My Profile'. You can select 'my team' to view your team page. 



Once you have added members to your team you will be able to use 'My Team Activity' to keep up with them! To find 'My Team Activity' click on 'Activity' at the top of the page. If your screen is small you will have to click on the 3 horizontal lines for this choice to appear. 



This is useful for keeping track of the posts of the people on your team that you would like to follow. All posts are visible on 'Activity', only the posts of people on your team are visible on 'My Team Activity.

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